Reporting a Client


Hi there, Recently I made a landing page for a buyer, and when he asked for the source code I gave it to him, but He since then stopped replying to my messages. I delivered the order though but he still is not replying. I would very much like to report him. How can I do so? I have all the proof required. And I heard after delivering an order after 3 days, it gets completed automatically. Does that mean I will also get the payment? What about the ratings? Someone help me out now. Thank you


Why do you want to report him?

He bought, you delivered - the order will close automatically after 3 days - the buyer may or may not leave a review.

Maybe you better have a look at the academy?


Why would you report him? Your buyer has 3 days to request a modification, and if he does nothing during those 3 days, the order will be automatically marked as complete, and you will get your payment after the clearance period of 14 days.


But doesn’t the buyer suppose to acknowledge the delivery?


No :slight_smile:


So I will get the payment after 3 days?


After 17 days in total - 3 days for the order to close + 14 days clearing.


Perhaps you didn’t read @catwriter 's post. Here’s what she said: [quote=“catwriter, post:3, topic:149332”]
you will get your payment after the clearance period of 14 days.


Okay thanks alot. That helped


same problem , i complete the order for client and now the order is automatically marked as complete , but i need the client review too , but my client is offline


Please don’t ask for reviews from clients after delivery - they don’t have to leave one, and if you annoy them by asking for a review, that may be reflected in the review they leave. :wink:


no i don’t ask for review ,


Not after delivery, no. Once you’ve delivered, from your point of view, the order’s finished.


You are a dangerous seller mostly to yourself, why would you report a client? The client ordered, you delivered, he or she didn’t ask for revision, deal done, if you have read the huge amount of information that is designed to help you do well here, you have known that in 3 days the delivery is marked complete and in 14 days you get your money, and you would know that clients do not have to leave a review, reviews are not a right, it is totally up to the clients. Remember just because you report someone doesn’t mean you are right, there has to be a reason, a legit reason with plenty of evidence acceptable to CS.


Hey calm down!! I didn’t say I will report surely. I am new to fiverr and I still need to know how everything works. I have already understood everything people have told me earlier, you could have told what you said in a better way. Thanks for your concern though


:slight_smile: by saying hey calm down, I feel you think we are actually concern for the client, but the thing is we are concerned for you, for many reasons, clients are who pay the bills in return of course get what the need, so no worries for them, on the other hand you should worry, I am sorry I really don’t mean to come across rude, just giving advice.

  1. CS will most likely ignore you if not warn you for wasting their time if you spam them with complaints that has no justifications
  2. Clients will smell attitude from you and go elsewhere

Try to communicate with your clients, I do wish you all the best.