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Reporting a FRAUD GIG

Please Beware. There is this so called GIG from FIVERR: His Name is ********** I hired him approximately 2 months ago, that time his name on FIVERR was **************** from ***, after a few days I sensed something was terrible wrong with the guy. I immediately cancelled all my services through FIVERR. Fiverr was very helpful and helped me cancel all services with this guy.
Since than, this guy has hacked into my Facebook account, created his own page inside my Facebook business account, created campaign for his business using my card. He created another business called ********* on my facebook page. Has another name, This guy should be reported to CYBER CRIME as well. Now I see he is still operating in FIVERR with different names.
He is under the following name on Fiverr: ***************
Maybe he has more names on FIVERR.
On Facebook:

This guy has taken over my Facebook page and made himself the Admin and removed my as admin.
I have all the proof and his details.
Fiverr, Please help to Report this guy.
Please ask him to REMOVE himself from my Facebook account and Page.

Mod Note: It is against the Forum Rules to negatively call out a buyer or seller. You may send the username to Customer Support if the user has actually violated the Fiverr Terms of Service, but the public forum is not the right place forrname call-outs Reporting a FRAUD GIG