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Reporting a Gig - Will the Person come to know who reported him/her?

Hi! I want to report a gig. I just want to know that will that individual receive a notification that I reported him/her? Or he will receive a general notification by Fiverr


No they won’t know who did it.

Why do you wish to report them?

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The individual copied my gig description, even images too. That’s why I was thinking to report her


100% report them!

And don’t worry about it.


Yes please do report them. The gig will be removed and they will not be told you did it.


I’m sorry this happened to you. Good for you for spotting it and planning to report it. Reports make Fiverr better for everyone and your identity won’t be revealed.


You need to report them immediately. There are other Psychics that have taken my description from word-to-word

Only one word of caution when the obvious knee jerk reaction is to report them…
Are they reselling your work at a higher rate?
If like me you found 2 sellers presenting themselves as you and then re-selling your work as their own. Stop and think for one minute that if this is the case a % of your sales could be from just that. Some sellers don’t care that they are been copied as it brings them notoriety. I could not live with this however and had their leach gigs shut down.

Happened to me too! Report them, and document all the infringements, then contact customer support and let them know in addition to reporting them.

The more documentation you have the better.