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Reporting a Seller for Pirated Software

How do I report a seller? I received the following warning from my hosting company.


You or someone with access to your account recently downloaded the following Wordpress or Joomla plugins, templates, components or themes for your site:

plugins: formcraft_v2.1.1;

Located at:


Each of these plugins or themes is a pirated copy of the original software, and each of them contained Trojan horse-type malware called CryptoPHP. This malware recently activated and this has placed this entire server on a Spamhaus blacklist for the next two days at a minimum. I have rendered the software that you downloaded inert and have removed the malware out of it as a one-time courtesy, but you need to know three things:

  1. The software is pirated software. You should uninstall all pirated software and get purchased, legitimate copies from the creator. Keeping this software might be illegal and is at a minimum, unethical.
  2. If this happens again, we will deactivate your account and require you to purchase a dedicated IP address so that you don’t get the shared IP address blacklisted again.
  3. I am not a security expert, and while I believe I have rendered that bootlegged software inert (I’m about 99% sure), there might be other malware hooks in them that I didn’t find, so I suggest you have your account checked by a security company.

    Basically, because of the Spamhaus blacklist, no one on this server will be able to send email to any email address that subscribes to the Spamhaus spam service for at least the next two days, and there is nothing we can do about it.

    Please uninstall the pirated software and do not download additional themes or plugins from that source again, or any other source that offers nulled software.


    Bluehost support

    Not only do I not have a website, but they used malware as a theme AND caused a server problem to my hosting company. I need help in reporting this huckster.
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wow…I wonder how many other servers this gig has compromised. Imagine if he has sold this over 1000 times how many servers may be affected.

I would do two things.

  1. If still possible I would update or add your gig review to warn other potential buyers. If it is beyond 30 days you may not be able to change but give it a try.

  2. Immediately contact CS at

    I’m not sure how long it will take CS to respond so hopefully you can do #1 above, but I’m sure CS will take action as soon as they read your ticket.

    Good Luck
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@ailenka May I ask how much have you paid?

(The amount, whatever it is, doesn’t justify what the seller did, since what the seller did is illegal and wrong; I’m just curious about the price)

I’m really sorry for this bad experience :frowning:

As in real life, among loads of good, talented and honest sellers you can find a bad apple; I invite you to report immediately this seller creating ticket on Customer Support site.

Just like @steveeyes told you, try to update your feedback on the order so anyone can know what this seller is doing (even if I think Fiverr editors are going to ban him for such behaviour)

I appreciate you didn’t mention seller name (it’s not allowed in the forum), thank you for following the rules!

Are you completely sure that pirated software has been installed from that seller? I’m just wondering… you know, better be sure…

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