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Reporting Buyer

few days back i met a client who told me that he have a lot of work and we are going to do a lot of work in future, at start he was very polite, As made him 1 track he changed his behavior and got mad on me and asked for another one! the product i provided was 100% as defined in order,He started saying that he will give me bad rating if i won’t give him another track and source file too. i made him another track and gave him source file to save my rating but he still gave me 2 star and my rating fell down to 4.7 now i can’t go to level 1 just because of that 1 bad review.
and i can’t report that user.
infact i can’t do anything.


contact fiverr support center, maybe they’ll help you to solve out this problem :disappointed::disappointed:

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You should get connect to cs of fiverr with your screenshot of your chatting. I hope, they’ll help you…


Do not tolerate bullying or blackmailing, this kind of behavior is unacceptable.

Here’s the direct link to CS to report. Provide screenshots as well!


i tried but it didn’t work.
thankyou soo much for the reply

thankyou soo much for your suggestion,
i tired and i contacted CS but i didn’t provide screenshots i didn’t get idea about screenshots now m about to report it again.

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You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s hard to believe you’re still dealing with this 13-days later. So, if you contacted Customer Support, what did they say? I know due to privacy they won’t tell you what actions they’ll take.

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I see the 2 star review says “not bad”. How terrible, I’m so sorry! At least you are at 4.8 so you won’t be demoted for it. Customer support likes to see screenshots so if you can, take a screenshot and send it to them of him threatening you if you don’t give him more.


i just stopped thinking about it… BTW m replaying very late cz i was damn busy with the stuff.
and Thankyou sooo much for the suggestion and showing concern… it’s very good to know that we have some people connected and responding to your problems… i wasn’t expecting this much response about it.