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Reporting buyers: is it worth?

Hi, how do you block someone please?

I do something different. I complete their stupid orders, then write a very thorough and honest 1-star review. If enough sellers give the scam buyers 1-star reviews, they will effectively be blocked.

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sometimes some buyers dont need to insult you to let you know, that they are trying to get away with your work, just telling you “I dont like it…please refund me” when they don´t give you enough information to work in, and when you ask them “please tell me what would you like to change or improve so I can work with that, or if you have an example that will help me to understand better your idea”, they answer with something like “I want something more creative and original…” <— an ambiguous response.


Yes I have just been scammed by a buyer who did that. Said he wasn’t going to use it but was willing to pay a little bit for it. When asked what he wanted and what was wrong, was ambiguous. Will be reporting him. Beware out there.

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Can we still not block people from messaging us?

I keep getting messages from someone who’s wanting a chat.
He’s not ordering anything. He just wants a friend.
He’s not rude, but definitely annoying.

hello every 1!!!
i’m level one seller but i have same issue.
i also face the same problem… many buyers come and give us there order and when they got there desired work then they said " i don’t like your work please cancel the order or i will give you negative comment"
and we sellers just accept there wish… what can we do? is the fiverr policies just for buyers???
please make a policy and check on all buyers also. so we sellers got our right and feel save in this website

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I feel the same issue today. One buyer **

** forcing me to sell some type of service that I can’t afford to sell at 30$. He is totally nonsense and non technical person. After long time wasting communication I cancel this order.The buyer requested work, which is not offered in this Gig. Be aware when you work with this buyer.*******

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Some buyers order a basic gig without any discussion, and ask for premium quality. then they simply vanished, no massage nothing. Now if I cancel the order my score will be effected. if I dont deliver my score will also be effected. And seller cant do anything about it. Fiverr only protect buyers. punish seller for nothing.

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From my experience, buyers are protected, sellers are not :-/


This is a 4yr old post.

The moderators don’t like to see old posts resurrected.


Hey guys, what happens if i report an account that i have an order from? I have noticed that it is an paid review buyer acoount an i want to block it. What should i do?

This topic is from 2015.

You have already made a topic about this subject. Best to just add this there.

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Yes i know it is, but this user have had similar experiences to mine right now, and if i only chat in my topic they might not see it?

Any ways do you have any advice on the subject?

  1. You can’t be sure of that
  2. I get all kinds of things like this and simply complete the order as usual.
  3. Nothing will happen if you report it.

I suggest doing the order as you would any other order. I went through this in my first year then it become more or less not unusual.

Or are you saying the buyer specifies he pays for reviews?

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I think I’m kinda sure :frowning: unfortunatelly :frowning: Check out the topic I made, I have a system to spot them already… its terrible :frowning:

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