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Reporting fake Fiverr pages?

I just joined this site after like a 4 year hiatus and it’s quite unfair that I am seeing fake Fiverr ads everywhere and absolutely NO report button around. It’s kind of disappointing, really.

For example:

Mod Note: Calling out other users is not allowed on the forum.

This one contains fake reviews (4 reviews by the same dude, one reviewer with no credibility and claims he creates “professional beats” for celebrities) – he is charging $495 god damn dollars for this as well just so he can take your money and run away. What’s even more incredible is that this dude puts orders on himself with another account to make him look ‘legit’.

As popular as this site is, it’s sad to see that you can’t even report the fake people on here. I’ve looked all over the place and haven’t seen any meaningful interactive module that allows you to report another Fiverr user for fake ads.


You can report any seller you wish and it’s not difficult. Just submit a ticket on the Support page and choose Trust and Safety… There will be other choices after that to report things like bad user behavior or questionable gigs. Fiverr takes those reports seriously. Breaking the forum rules by just posting your personal opinions about a gig is not appropriate, but if Fiverr can determine that a seller is doing wrong, they will force a gig edit or close the seller’s account.

If you seriously can’t find Support, there is a post pinned in the Fiverr FAQ category called How to Submit a Support Ticket with step-by-step instructions.