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Reporting gigs to avoid competition?

Hey everyone,

Hope all are having a great it is not my personal experience but i was just thinking about it if this could happen to me,what to do then? so i have 1 question.

  1. Mr.A was working as an employee with Mr.B, Mr.B is working on fiverr Mr. A left that job and wants to work on fiverr and creates profile and gigs.but now Mr.B who is ex boss of Mr.A saw it somewhere on fiverr and he doesn’t like that his ex employee has started working and he starts to see him as competitor and starts reporting Mr.A’s gig or profile and keeping him busy for several days to give explanation and proofs to CS. so is there any permanent solution for Mr.A that he can survive from this and specially when Mr.B who is his ex boss is top rated seller and Mr.A is level 1 seller.
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He can report you only if you are violating fiverr tos.


ok, agree. but what if he report that my work is not original and its CS removes my gig and ask for proofs.and i submit them but it take 1-2 working days to solve this issue and after CS approves it,that gig will come live again. and again after sometime he will report it or other gig or reporting with any other i will be more busy with CS all the time and will be not focused on my work,right?

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The complainant would have to prove this case. You need evidence.


FYI: you can not present work that you did while working for him because he will own all copyrights for it.

Showcase your new designs, don’t break tos and you’ll be ok.

Okay, Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeap, i am aware of that.And also really careful about TOS, but if he reports that i am using someone else’s property, he will have to show proofs too right to CS ?or fiverr will just take action just because he reports and only i have to submit my proofs?

Yes, he will need to submit evidence. He can not report you for nothing.


Okay i feel more relived now. Thanks a lot . :slight_smile:

If he does that, he’s the one who is likely to get into trouble. Fiverr doesn’t like false reports.


Thanks for the help, i feel much relived now. much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Same problem happened to me. 3 times in a month (probable by same person and his friends). My gig is in pending review again, because some people from Fiverr Safety and Trust team are doing their work superficially, ignoring the fact that hundreds of buyers are ordering from me month by month (many of them for more than 20 times).

Any idiot or competitor can put a gig down for days, maybe even to be removed (it happened this 1st time). I thought that I’ll never have this experience, but 3 times in a month… It’s outrageous.

Fiverr doesn’t remove gigs if they don’t break any rules even if someone reported it.


They are removing gigs without breaking any ToS. It happened to me, and later it was restored (my gig was reported by a troublemaker - he asked things that wasn’t offered by my gig, and when he couldn’t get what he requested, then he started with false accusations - and guess what: somebody from staff believed him, without checking his false accusations (for example how can I collect GDPR data, while only Fiverr (and its 3rd party services) has access to this kind of data)?

I got the gig restored after I opened a ticked and largely explained with many strong arguments and proofs that the troublemaker who reported me wanted just to put my gig down.