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Reporting sellers that scam

It would seem Fiverr doesn’t really protect buyers, they say you can report sellers but I’ve searched high and low and seen nowhere I can report. Anyone had this experience? I hired this person to do work and when he found out I don’t want him long term because I didn’t like the work he did he deleted everything. Why can’t I report him??


You will really need to explain what happened here a lot more clearly.


Hired assistant to do work, he asked if I wanted him long term, when I told him no I woke up the next day to the work deleted on my server.

Did you get a copy of the work?

Did you place an order with this person? If you had placed an order, this would have had to be cancelled given what you say happened?

Well I ordered, when he finished and I was satisfied I gave a review and had him paid. Then told him thanks for the work but I don’t want to continue I’ll take it from here. I didn’t know how to change the password for remote control of the VPS so when I woke up bam, it was gone.

@jdaly08307 Yes, you can report other Fiverr users, provided you have sufficient proof that they have violated the ToS (which you will have to attach along with your CS ticket).

You can create a CS ticket with Fiverr’s Customer Support, and they will investigate your report/complaint.

In addition to reporting the seller, you can also request for a cancellation/refund. Fiverr will then have a look at the case and decide if you qualify for a refund.

Good luck! :sunny:

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You should have gotten something for the delivery in a file, not just him uploading something to your server? He is supposed to deliver some type of file directly to you.

Are you sure that your seller deleted the work? Is it not possible that something else might have happened? What you are saying your seller did simply does not make sense. Have you messaged them to ask their side of the story?

I do sympathize with you. However, you say you didn’t change your VPS password. Logically, anyone could say the same and say that a seller deleted work after delivery. This is why you need proof.

It simply doesn’t make sense for a seller to jeopardize their career in this way.

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All the OP wanted was a link to Fiverr’s customer support.

I don’t see why the OP needs to do that. They can explain everything they want to CS. :thinking:

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I for one wanted to know what happened. Not that I’m entitled to know of course.

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I comes down to needing a burden of proof. The OP hasn’t articulated his or her problem here very well. This would imply that they might have difficulty doing so with CS. I would hope that CS would not punish a seller based on a buyer saying they were scammed. - As I would hope that CS would not dismiss a buyer, simply because they can not articulate their problem.

If the problem can be articulated here, it is possible we can give more meaningful advice concerning how to approach CS.

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Well, it’s up to the OP to provide sufficient proof (to CS) that the seller in question has violated the ToS.

I am pretty sure they don’t do that without actual proof from the buyer’s end. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how much more explanation you require short of actually providing screenshots of what was once there no longer being there. He created something. Now it’s deleted. I spent money for him to create something and now it’s gone, I will see what I can do about proving it as I can take screenshots of the work no longer being there.

@jdaly08307 We are just buyers and sellers. You don’t have to prove anything to us (or share screenshots with us).

If you are certain you can prove that you have been wronged/cheated by your seller, you can just head over to the link to Fiverr’s customer support (that I had provided in one of my previous posts here) and create a support ticket. You can attach your screenshots there.

Good luck! :sunny:

I’ve gone ahead and reported it with the link provided ,thanks a bunch!

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You might want to first contact your seller to ask if they can redeliver your work. I have lost work (my own used for my own purposes) because of things like system updates and bugs.

If there is a non-malicious reason for what has happened, your seller may be able to replace what has been lost. Alternatively, if they have acted maliciously, they might betray the fact that they have done so in a reply to you. This would give you ample proof to provide to CS and get a refund.

In either case, it is worth a try.

In future, you might also want to consider automating daily backups of your server to prevent any kind of similar problem from recurring.


Once it’s completed with a five star review I’m not sure what CS can do. Someone was happy with the work and it was completed. If it disappeared after that they might not hold the seller responsible.

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