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Reports about spam messages

Hey everyone,

We’ve received some reports about spam messages that were sent to a number of our community members this week. Fiverr only operates under and websites that contain the word “fiverr” “fiver” should not be followed. Just as a reminder and for your own safety, do not open any suspicious website links sent to you that you are unfamiliar with.

You are encouraged to click on “Report” in the conversation page for our Trust and Safety team to review. This is a good opportunity to remind you to add extra protection to your account by enabling the Security Questions feature if you haven’t already done so.

Have a great weekend!

I also got some spam lately. One of the messages attached file, after i download it ask to run as administrator on my PC. I cancel it straight away. Fiverr really need to work on this.

I am pretty new to Fiverr. So far, I have not received any spam. But, thanks for the heads up. I’ll be on the lookout for it.

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BFD! Just ignore them. Don’t let those idiots spoil your fun.

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Excellent post

If only you would respond to the countless reports about the ARS!

Thanks for the update!

My account was already hacked by smeone

Thanks to Val…

He fixed it Quickly…

but my money was lost

Support hasn’t fixed mine for over 1 week.

Thanks for the update! I received a couple of spammy messages this week.

tHNX Last week i had two spams!terrible :confused:

I hate these scammers. Somebody needs to stop this madness! DEPLOY THE FBI

Yeah, there were some spammy messages in my account too.

Also I got 3 spams. But now, when I am going to open the conversations, it says’‘For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly’’

I got some too, but the reason why I am here is to remind support about the report I lodged some days back about a fake buyer who after doing a perfect work for him still went ahead to give me a negative feedback, I went through the delivered work and I didn’t see any fault. I took my time to cross check the work done before I delivered it to him, I expect support to look into competitors that disguise as a buyer just to drop a bad feedback for good seller with the intention of reducing the seller’s rating, support please look into this and stop all this lazy sellers.

Sheriff’s note: do not spam other threads please; if you have some complaint, please create a new thread on the proper section!

Reply to @twitterbirds: Please read the Sheriff’s note to you. Also, @natalieb is an administrator, not a member of support, and everyone else are buyers and sellers like you. You need to address your concerns to customer support~

kjblynx said: Now if only the Report button also immediately and permanently banned the person from every sending any messages to me or ordering my gigs.

This would be nice!

So the report button is only to report spammers? What about people you just want to block? Can it be used for that too? I’ve reported some people who kept asking for free gigs. Is that ok to report?

I have reported a lot of messages who have asked me to open stuff or do something for them. If they are not clients or friends on this site. the message is going to be either spam or scam.