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Reports about spam messages

Ya… Fiverr team need a good security to stop these Crazy Bulls … >:)

We need to Know about " How to Spammers Hack our accounts" Sp we Can Aware with these Threads… :blush:

I mentioned To all of you again…L-) Some times if you click a spam link and If it says to Re log for Anything Don’t try to Re log … If you re logged … Immediately Change your security information and password…

:-?? L-)

Reply to @kjblynx: Can they hack accounts like these ways?


I get emails that tell me to go to fiverr and usually I don’t have to login but got a few a month ago that surprisingly I had to login for, then it was nothing, like why did fiverr want me to login for nothing? I didn’t think of spam.

Yeah, I got lot of spam advertising msgs

I got a message twice about some book to earn fast in Fiverr. I discarded it right away. :)>-

Anyone know how to recognize a Spam Message ?

Thanks for update.

I’ve been getting a lot of those lately.

My Gig also seems to have gone really quiet, No sales, not even a message.

I wonder if there is any relation?

Thanks for the update! I received a few of those spammy messages too.

Thanks for the info and most of the times, the targets of the spammers will be new members like us.


Thank you for info :slight_smile:

Reply to @francy986: Actually, depending on who it is from, it might be legit. I got it from a reputable level 2 seller (As far as I know, they were active on the forums.)

It was a pdf. I didn’t get much from it, mainly because it was geared toward other businesses on fiverr, not so much writing.

I did, however, learn that I could make my video a static image with a voice over. I don’t have an HD camera yet, so that was a big help.

I’m not saying open it if it is from someone you don’t know, but if a level 2 or TRS gives one to you, check it out. They wouldn’t put that work in just to scam someone and get banned, ya know?

A lot of spam lately here on the forum and also via inbox, I’ve received two similar messages that says that they find my profile on fiverr forum.

Thanks for update

I got a message yesterday and reported it…Thanks for informing to all the members…

thank you for the update,

i also recived some spam messages a few weeks ago.

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out others is not allowed.

Sheriff’s Note: Stop spamming the forum.

Thank you very much for the update… L-)