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Recently i was on vacation, i mentioned and advised very clearly in the gig description not to purchase due too on vacation for 10 days, a customer still placed an order and of course he did not receive in time.

So he gave me a 1 star for not responding in time.

I tryd contacting him about this but no response from him.

Is there any way i can remove his bad comment & 1 star.

This damages my reputation and decreases my sales dramatically.

Kindest Regards,

John Moree


Very helpful


Reply to @remoteservice

I’m currently recuperating from a medical issue and can’t do fivers for 2 weeks. Even though I clearly state on my voice over gig that I’m on vacation and no orders should be placed, that doesn’t stop folks from ordering.

HOWEVER, I did extend my delivery time to 21 DAYS, to give me a week extra when I get back. I’ve received several orders from regular repeat buyers in this time. They probably don’t read my gig description, and why would they? They know the drill.

As bachas85 says, the only other option (and best if you are truly away) is to PAUSE your gig.