Reputation Build-Up


Hello everyone!
This is my first time posting in the forum, so I hope I haven’t duplicated anything…
I was wondering how long it takes everyone to build up a good reputation. I have had four customers so far, all five stars for my writing gigs, but it took me a while to get my first order, and I haven’t had another order since.
I see featured writers all the time with thousands of reviews, some are fairly new, but some seller’s have been members for years and years. So I was wondering on average, how long does it take for a writer’s Fiverr gig to really kick off?
Many thanks in advance,


Hi Samantha, It really depends on the type of services you offer and if you are also good at what you do. If you deliver quality work then things may just become easy for you.

Keep this in Mind. “Reviews are very important when you start”. So try your level best to keep the 5 star ratings coming by working hard and success will follow😉.