Request a buyer for feedback and rating if he missed the deadline


Hi All,
I wanted to know if there’s any way to request feedback from a buyer at a later date whose order was marked complete automatically?
I have around 5 orders which got marked automatically and I was thinking if I could get some feedback and reviews from those buyers.



Please don’t go after your buyers and ask for feedback - if they want to leave it they will, but your more likely to get a poor feedback if you hassle them!


But it’s not the situation. There are orders that got completed automatically and the buyer didn’t get a chance to give his feedback.


They have 30 days to post a feedback from the Order Completion date.


Yes they did - they had 3 days after your delivery to rate you before the order auto-completed, and they can leave feedback for another 27 days after that.


While delivering, add a note saying that their valuable feedback would be highly appreciated. As soon as the order is completed, if they haven’t given their feedback, give them a gentle reminder. Afterwards, don’t ask for it again. If you haven’t got a feedback after these two messages, it most probably means that they don’t bother. Reasons vary from your not meeting their expections, they getting busy, they dont care etc.

I generally review my delivery if I get an “Outstanding experience!” instead of a nice feedback from a buyer.