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Request A Gig is a DISASTER!

I often have small gig needs where finding existing offers results in both few existing gigs out there, and many that were posted eons ago, and where the offerer is long gone or disinterested in Fiverr work.

In the past few days I posted a basic shell script programming gig out here on Fiverr.

So far, 11 respondents saying they can do the work and are interested.

Going through their details as-is in Fiverrr I see slews of HTML/CSS, related stuff. One person with VOIP experience. Officially, none of them are showing relative experience as-is within Fiverr area there.

This is probably the 5th gig I’ve posted that is fairly specific, and the folks stating interest are in outer space relatively speaking.

This is often not the fault of the seller. When you request a gig you choose the category you think it goes in. Sellers can only choose a gig the matches that category. They might have a gig closer to your need in another category but can’t choose it. They might have the skill you need but the gig they can send you doesn’t mention it. They also have no way to attach a message intended for you.

Of course, a few sellers do use it to spam buyers but most are trying to reach you to start a dialogue.

It’s obviously not clearly stated for buyers, but this is something that us sellers have been complaining about for a while–we don’t write the messages or really get to pick which gigs we can offer you.

We used to be able to type out a personal message to a gig request. Then, we were only allowed to answer requests by selecting a gig (in the category the buyer selected, even if it wasn’t the most relevant gig in our offering), but we used to be able to pick a gig, go into our messages, and follow up with a buyer and explain the issue.

Now, all we can do is pick a gig from a drop-down list and send it through. There’s no way to follow up, so even if we’re qualified for a job, we can only send a gig, not a personal message, so it often looks like people are just sending nonsense.

Good points. Hopefully Fiverr staff is reading along and taking notes.

So far I’ve put out multiple gigs like this and have had ZERO success.

It is getting in the way of transactions happening big picture.

Fiverr staff doesn’t read the forum, or does it rarely.

This problem has been brought to their attention, but the answer is usually that that’s how it’s supposed to work.

I understand your frustration. But Sellers cannot communicate with you when they respond to Requests, All they can do is submit an offer without any kind of explanation or response other than what their Gig description states. Unfortunately it is up to the Buyer to communicate with the potential seller first. And considering that Buyers may be faced with possibly more than a hundred offers it’s easy to see why you will be frustrated with the Buyer Request "feature"

Yes, it is a disaster.

emasonwrites said: Then, we were only allowed to answer requests by selecting a gig (in the category the buyer selected, even if it wasn't the most relevant gig in our offering),

There is a way, but not very convenient. You can re-categorize your relevant Gig temporarily, submit your offer, then restore that Gig to your preferred category,
Yes, it's a PITA

Reply to @ricksper: Or you also used to be able to deactivate all your other gigs and leave just the one you wanted to send (don’t know if this is still an option).

Reply to @ricksper: I used to change categories like that for buyer requests. Then I noticed that some of my gigs ranked higher in search would disappear or drop for days or weeks after category change. I got business from buyer requests then but lost all the traffic I had been getting. For me that meant a drop in overall orders. Now I rarely change categories which seems like a loss for Fiverr, buyers and me. :-/