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Request A Gig / Make an Advertisement

Its unbelievable how poor the moderation at Request a Gig sections is; see the request I have just posted below !

First, sellers, do not waste your time on such poor advertising, spam, poor behavior. Go find some good ways !

Second, fiverr; if you really cant afford to moderate these requests, reach me and i will make sure to provide you an affordable solution… Geez, seriously…

There is a running thread on this in Suggestions where Fiverr staff does sometimes check in. I encourage everone interested to add their thoughts there. If we keep asking (and trying not to go ballastic even when tempted it’s worth it. Fiverr has its problems for sure but I’ve seen them fix things based on the Suggestion Box before. Give it a go!

and i am even getting offers…

I didn’t mind one or two per day but now they seem to be outnumbering real buyer requests and it is getting really annoying.

It’s sad how many people need to spam the feature.

I noticed a few already…

I agree with you.

It’s clear that no one actually reviews those gig requests.

It’s getting irritating.