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I have an html issue that I need help with. I was not sure which gigs on Fiverr corresponded with my issue so I decided to use the Request a Gig. However, it was not approved. I’m not sure why it would not be approved and I have not been able to find any details. Does anyone have experience with successfully requesting gigs?


Hi Tracy,
I used the Request feature twice, it got approved really fast and got between 20 and 25 responses before I paused it. I then communicated with 8 sellers, narrowed it down to 4, ordered a small gig from each and found a gem at the end.
Try it again,

What exactly were you trying to write? Maybe you included some words that are prohibited maybe.

I need help changing a style sheet for a Cafe Press store. I just need to change the colors and make the background image the same as the image on my company website. I’m not sure what I wrote that would be prohibited but I’m bummed because I don’t understand html at all.

Hey Tracy!

Did you use any HTML tags in there? Did you add any URLs? If they are malicious your Request a gig will not be approved.

Hmmmm. Now I’m not sure what I wrote. Maybe I did list a link to my website so that people could see the general look. Maybe I’ll try again and make sure that I don’t put that in there. Thanks, I didn’t think about that.

Reply to @tracybarnhart:
Greetings from another Cafepress shopowner! :slight_smile:

Reply to @jonbaas: Thanks! Has it been working well for you? I’m just getting started.