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Can someone at or a member please tell me why my gig request status would become unapproved?

(add LLC to my business card file and letter head files that mr_retro did for me on fiverr since I cannot find mr_retro on anymore.) And, how am I suppose to get this gig request completed if mr_retro who did this gig for me is no longer on fiverr?

Only Customer Support can explain why your request wasn’t approved, and there has been a bug the past few days where requests are being unapproved for no apparent reason. Contact CS. Good luck!

They don’t seem to have any problem posting requests from Sellers outright spaming of that feature looking for jobs.

Reply to @ricksper: I checked out buyer requests for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I had no desire to re-tag/title my gigs to submit offers. I checked again a few days ago just for kicks, and I’d say about 20% of the requests are for work.

But hey, spamming works, so Fiverr’s cool with it in most instances.

Thank you itsyourthing for the link to support. I was able to find it and make the support request.

Reply to @chillingaz: You’re welcome. I hope they respond quickly and get your issue resolved.