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Request: clock roll-back for missing info


I know fiverr wants the clock to start as soon as the buyer orders. But if the order begins without all the info, there should be a button that I can click that suspends the clock until the buyer provides all the files and info. I seriously have buyers every week that order and don’t upload their files. Or can’t figure out how to. I have 48 hours or less to go through the dispute process and the clock just keeps on ticking. Fiverr could police it just like they do delivery fakes. Bannable offense if a seller abuses the button just to stop the clock. I just want a fair chance to complete work on time. Is that asking too much?


If you haven’t set some requirements to mandatory you could do that (so that it only starts the countdown when something has been entered/attached for those). It doesn’t stop people doing something to override it though.

I think there should be some button to stop the clock if they haven’t filled in/attached what is necessary for the order, though I doubt think it should be a bannable offense if they haven’t filled in/attached everything.


that is the problem. I currently have requirements to attach files and they still do not attach files and start orders.

And I meant bannable as in, a seller using that button to stop the clock when they actually do have the info that they need. In the same way that people try to “Deliver” to stop the clock without attaching work.


If you need them to attach something, go to “requirements”, edit the necessary requirements, make sure it’s an attachment field (and not an edit/attachment) and make sure “answer is mandatory” is checked.


as stated. i have that. They still get through the system. Let’s say I get an order that requires 6 files to complete.
1 intro
1 outro
1 episode intro
2 speaker files
1 ad
They order and attach only some of those files.
So I can begin work but cant finish it. I will begin the dispute process immediately but they have more time to respond than the job completion clock has on it. (48 hours)


Cant do squat about it and the clock just keeps on ticking. This is super common in my category.