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Request declined?


Here’s the request I submitted, it was declined and it said to review it and modify it, but I don’t know what’s wrong with it in order to modify it.
Here’s what I put (and I hope it’s ok that I post it here)
I’m looking for someone to create a maze generator for me. If you are a programmer, this should be easy for you, as there are thousands of tutorials on youtube and I’m sure you can get the script somewhere already done or at least almost done. I would like to be able to customize the size of the mazes, and maybe able to make them round as well as rectangular. I would need to be able to save them as .jpg and/or .png I work on a mac if that matters. Also, they will be used in print, so I would need them to be vector images. I found but they want a yearly subscription. I’d rather have someone design it so I can use it whenever for whatever I want. Please contact me if this sounds like something you can do. Thanks!

So, what is wrong?


Those might seem like you are providing a web address for sellers to contact you.

This is my speculation.


Ok, got it. must me 20 characters