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Request for a feature


Many times when we give time to the buyer or take time, we say that I will be available here on i.e 9pm, then the buyer ask which 9pm, my country or your country?

This makes confusion. I thought if we could have also a EST time on the chat box right-side corner (like in picture) so that we would tell each other the EST time rather than confusing each other with MY COUNTRY, YOUR COUNTRY TIME!


Maybe to you, it will create confusion, but at least for me, if this situation arises, I will simply tell them that the work will be completed by 9:00 pm according to my time and it’s 12:38 pm here.


You are right!
But do not you think if we have also EST (time) on the chat box somewhere in corner, it will help buyer and seller more effectively?


No. Because there are many time zones in this world. So they will have to implement all of the timezones. If Fiverr want they can implement it but this is very small thing and it will take so much time you cannot even imagine… and this feature is not in demand, so Fiverr will maybe or maybe not will take this into consideration, if you contact CS.
I don’t think it is necessary.


I see your point too but I don’t think it would work well in a global site. I’m in CST sometimes and CDT others, but never EST. My buyers are all over.