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Request for add Messages seen option

Hi everyone,

Sometime we send message to Byers, but we don’t get reply for long time,

And there is no way to know is he/she seen message or not.

Same goes for Byers.

I think if fiverr add this functionality in message option that’s will so helpful for everyone.

Thanks to all


yes. right point …

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How would it help? Buyers will either reply to you, or not; knowing whether they’ve seen your message won’t change that.

Also, what if you see a message, but can’t respond to it quickly, and the buyer is impatient? Do you want them to get angry at you because they know you saw the message?


You got exact point,

buyer or seller will benefited by this,

Because we will able to know is he/she declining messages or not seen yet.

Also it’s help us to be patience until my buyer or seller Shaw messages,
and I haven’t send one after.

Fiverr is not set up for sellers to “decline messages” that they don’t want to respond to. In fact, quite the opposite – sellers have 24 hours to respond to any messages that they receive, before not responding starts to penalize their response stat.

Be patient. People will respond to messages as soon as they are able.



I mean we’re already walking on thin ice with the RR timer, the message seen is not necessary! Buyers don’t need to see when I’ve read their messages and vice versa.


Please fiverr add this feature.

I agree with the topic creator . This is an important feature for messaging .

Yes. right point. Thanks