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Hi Everyone
As you all know that know that some very new sellers are have badges like ( Fiverr’s Chioce) or (Rising Talent)
even they have only 2,3 lines of discription and almost no seo but they are still on the top
can anyone help me how these badges are gained?

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These badges are likely an automatic part of the search engine algorithm. They are awarded – either by Fiverr or the system – according to metrics none of us will ever know. The good news is, however, neither of those badges are necessary in order to become a great seller.

You don’t need a badge to be great. Just be great, and your target customers will take notice.

I can tell you the Fiverr’s Choice badges are probably chosen by a staff member. I had a gig with that and that gig is exceptional in several ways. It’s not just handed out by luck. I think the Rising Talent badge might be the same way. It may be a gig that is outstanding.

Fiverr does look at most gigs. They notice outstanding ones.

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Some may indeed be manually given, however, for the most part, I think the “Rising Talent” badges may just be auto-presented to draw attention to new seller gigs – likely an off-shoot of the idea that new sellers get a visibility boost at the start, and then have to fend for themselves like every other seller.

I just don’t see any other reason why many new sellers end up with the “rising talent” badges. How can some new sellers be a rising talent, if they have poorly defined gigs, and no listed portfolios or social proof of the talent the badges claim? This badge seems more random than others, and, I think, may just be a slight-boost format.

This is, of course, just my observation-based opinion. Take it with a grain of salt.

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Fiverr’s Editorial Team manually handpicks new Gigs with great potential, and grants them a temporary “Rising Talent” badge, which offers amazing marketplace exposure and credibility.


I didn’t realize there was an entire page describing this badge. I stand corrected.

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I think gig price probably has something to do with it (the rising talent badge). It seems like the more expensive gigs without a lot of reviews are more likely to get it, regardless of whether they have someone else’s copyrighted/trademarked content in the gig video.