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Request for k*nky images


So I draw characters and do translations here at Fiverr, and every now and then I get a request for kinky images. Nothing R-rated, but stuff like a girl in a very tight mini skirt, or someone with a curvy body with their cleavage showing, etc.

This was outside Fiverr, but a friend of mine emailed me asking me if I can draw an image for her; a cartoon man in a trench coat flashing himself, but replace his “bits” with the 3 alphabet letters. She said it was for a joke for her teammate. I drew the image, sent it to her, and she was very happy.

…which made me think…it is NOT written in my character drawing gig description that I will not draw
adult stuff, and if I do, I’m sure I won’t want to draw any r-rated stuff, but if I get an order like “please draw a cartoon dude flashing himself but put a mosaic in his crotch area,” I personally don’t mind drawing it. Um…will drawing something like be against TOS??? :sweat_smile:


No that’s ok if it is ok with you. You are not offering a pornographic gig so it is totally your choice.


Ah, that’s good to know!!
…now that I’ve got that cleared, it will be quite funny if my next order was an image of a dude in a trench coat :laughing:



That is too funny. I love your posts, they always make me smile. I would suggest to double check with CS just to be sure. These days you never know, gigs get pulled for the weirdest things.

If you get the OK this gig could be a hit :grinning:


Hmmm…maybe I should make another gig…“I’ll draw something kinky for you!!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In my experience the no adult content rule is pretty strict and not limited to nudity, its more like a family friendly only rule.
I asked cs about a comic drawing gig that i could have pulled of without drawing any nudity (dirt joke cartoon where a guy was referring to his thing as a cobra in speech bubbles). The response was that this would be a rule violation so i had to cancel.


Yikes, really???

Well several years ago I was asked by a seller to draw herself in a school girl outfit, and
her skirt was VERY short, short enough where you can see her panties. That was her request,
I thought it was OK and went ahead and drew it. Maybe that was against TOS perhaps???
Well, next time if I ever get an order like that, I’ll check with CS first for sure.

But dang, a bit of a dirty joke sounds harmless to me…:astonished:



Can I just say: :astonished:.

That’s what people say about me when they find out about my day job vs what I like to write! :grinning:


This ‘no adult content’ rule doesn’t seem to be strict; it looks like it’s perfectly fine to write or edit erotica.


I’ve worked with some jobs on Fiverr of this nature as well. May not be a huge market but there are certainly people out there needing services for something or another of an adult nature. Often times I get a message from them asking if I’m interested, because they had no luck with other sellers who refused to do it. I’ve made some good money from great clients accepting adult themed work. Personal choice of course!


I don’t do adult themed work, but I see gigs offering it, requests for such work, and I remember that there was an article about a super-successful seller who edited erotica.

(Edited post because the 50-second glitch deleted a part of it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )


I sometimes get requests to translate adult content and I do it. The funny thing is I have only recently added this line to my gig - I will do adult content. And now I don’t get anymore requests.:smirk:


Sounds like my mistake was to ask cs about it.


That “mistake” could easily turn into your “savior”… Lol. I think the point is that CS is pretty uncertain what they consider to be okay. Malleable policies always produce malleable moderations, and when moderation is left to more of common sense…kkkk
So, you very well might have a “let-off” from a certain member of CS, and get nabbed by another.

Btw: Thanks to all who reported themselves. I’ll be sure to check in with CS, with all of ya monikers, just to be sure :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Then I’ll be back to give a situation report :yum:


It’s better to ask them than to be banned at some later point.


I sure will be checking with CS from now on juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust in case.

OK, so just for the sake of entertainment…
I think this is the “kinkiest” image I’ve worked on so far.
I DID censor it, mods, can I get away with this??
If not, I’ll delete it!


I think it’s funny.

It’s PG-13. :wink:


Was it for a client? Or just a fantasy???


This was for a buyer. I drew 2 other images for her, pretty similar to this one. :slight_smile: