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Request for Modifications... with no request


I have a good-sized order that the customer has requested modifications on… well, that’s not a problem. I’m great with modifications. But this customer said they’d get back to me soon on what they wanted to be changed and hasn’t returned in five days, even after a polite bump from me. So the order is sitting almost a week late in my queue.

Is this hurting my ratings?


Yes! By having it run late (especially really late) will hurt your ratings and levels here on Fiverr. Not only that, but the buyer can instantly cancel the order leaving you with an automatic negative rating.

Never let an order go late, and don’t count on any Buyer to get back to you in these regards (that’s putting all your eggs in one basket). Always have a plan, because at the end of the day things like this will hurt your ratings otherwise.

If it’s an issue with personal taste, I would redeliver the work so it’s no longer late and leave a message to the Buyer requesting them to contact you in regards to any modifications. Communication is key, so make sure to be detailed in why you’re delivering and what the Buyer needs to note when contacting you back in regards to modifications.


So in this very strange instance, you would just redeliver as is and explain that I can’t continue waiting? (Politely of course)


yes, politely redeliver, and simply say I have not received any instructions for changes for over 5 days so am redelivering the work at this time. If you need to get in touch with me, please feel free to send me a message.

Don’t say you cannot continue waiting, just say I have not received instructions for changes…see what happens.


The fact that the “clock keeps running” after delivery is ridiculous in my mind. I am fine with providing modifications, but once delivered an order should not be able to appear late.

I also agree about redelivering order if the buyer is not providing feedback on modifications desired. 5 days is a long time to wait.


Re-delivering prompted the buyer to send me a nice long list of revisions. This is where a revised deadline system would be awesome. These revisions will take me almost as long as the original order, and now it appears really, really late. :confused: