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Request for pw not working, can't create a ticket to get help with a problem with my recent order

Here’s the problem. I placed an order, had my paypal charged and never received an email to give instructions to the seller. I’m very annoyed that I can’t resolve this because in order to create a ticket I have to login with a fiverr pw in which I do not know what it is since I log in with my facebook account. The seller received my confirmation to start the gig but they too have not received an email or a setup to get started. So what do I do?

Hello SEO game Inc,

This email confirms you have paid $5.00 USD using PayPal.

It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in the Recent Activity list on your Account Overview page.

Payment details

Receiver email:

Amount: $5.00 USD

Transaction date: March 23, 2014

Status: Completed

Transaction ID: 8AW497704R2658146

Message: convert any image to Vector in one day===8fdd9c86776358cf91dd===

Automatic payment details

Plan :PA-45V71256637892605

I answered a similar question here—>

I don’t have time for this. I received a paypal receipt today for an order I made for a vector image conversion. The same seller that did my last two gigs. They are still waiting for instructions. I need to get credit or notice to the seller to start. I don’t need to see an answer to a similar question. This makes no sense. I’m on a time crunch to get my logo created so I can get to the tradeshow and print my logo on the table cloth.

Can’t you just update the order on the order page yourself? That should get the order started.

There was a glitch with my order. It happens apparently. Neither the seller or the buyer were given any instructions to update or get things started. Hopefully, fiverr will just award a $5 credit. I’m moving on and letting $5 not be the end all be all to get my project completed. I’ve spent far too long waiting for them to get back to me after a ticket was finally achieved. Good luck to all of you that run into a glitch, customer service takes over 24-hours to get a reply and then if the reply is generic enough to give you little solace, just move on.

Have something similar…I ordered logo design from one company…did receive confirmation today that it is done and ready for review but when I click the " review your order button " it just brings up the fiverr website … my “gig” order isn’t registered in my account…it doesn’t show I ordered and paid for this at all …how do I bring it up to view and why doesn’t it appear in my account …tried using customer service but it always relates back to the order on my file (which isn’t showing up) and doesn’t allow for comments…have my order # and proof of payment …can anyone tell me what to do … if there is an easy fix and I’m just stunned…my apologies…