Request for Service not Found in Order Queue


I just received a message from a potential buyer. I delivered, then realized that this person did not actually submit an order for my work. The name is “********” How can I make sure I am paid for my work? I regret not looking at my Dashboard for this in the first place. I guess that’s my bad. Thought that the message was attached to a submitted order.

The message had an urgent quality, that the buyer had a deadline of hours, but claimed that he only has $5 to spend, when quicker service is priced at $10 for this gig. Because of the deadline indicated, I went right to work, in a light drizzle on Mother’s Day to complete this order. In good faith, I am new to Fiverr and I wanted to make my first gig a glowing success, so I completed it, then looked at the details later. I hope that the buyer will be required to pay for my services. I sent 5 requested images, which I believe are worth $5 each, and requested that much from him.

Thank you.


It’s very interesting that that is the buyer after the way he talks in the forums.

First off, I’m sorry this happened, I don’t know what your recourse is.
Second, no matter how urgent, Never EVER do work outside of an order.


I guess I have learned the hard way to check my order queue before getting to work for anyone. On the bright side, I have the images to offer to anyone who is willing to fill out an order.

The source was a message that I received through Fiverr. The weird part is that the messages I have responded to are not gone from my record. Strange. Wonder if I can find out how to access them, or if “Oscar 98” can erase all record of these transactions that we exchanged on Fiverr. The site administrators must have the ability to track them and contact them about officially submitting an order. If not, could I flag the guy for stealing my work?


one thing you can do is contact that buyer and tell him/her that they cannot use those images until they place an order. Because you have the copy writes of that work. Hope this helps.


I will try that. I can’t seem to find the originator of the emails any more on my page, though. Where should I be looking for a message history?


Thank you. I did write to that potential buyer yesterday afternoon. No word yet. Thank you Asad.


Hope you will have the word soon.