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Request for simple work, still can't find any work!

Request for simple work, still can’t find any design work. :thinking: Maybe no expert is needed for that job. I know getting to work first is a little tricky. I submitted many buyer requests for such a simple job, the buyer does not knock me. but why! I’m not frustrated yet but worried and shame. Someone will give me advice :pray: on this situation.

My profile link below:

Check your gig images are the best they can be and check they don’t have any compression artefacts.

For the gig text:

Gig: I will graphic design for facebook cover photo and banners
In the gig description:
“For an I cathing design” could be “For an eye-catching design”

Gig: I will graphic design for a media kit, flyer, and one page
In the basic package “upto” could be “up to”

I’m not sure starting the gig titles with “I will graphic design…” is best but I may be wrong.
Also in some of the gigs you say “Why I am and Why This GIG” - I’m not sure if you mean “Who I am and…” there, or at least maybe change the “Why I am” bit.

For the buyer request offers - search for forum threads about the best way to respond to them. eg. making sure your offer describes how you can do exactly what the buyer is asking (ie. no template offers). Threads on how to send the best offers might be the most help if they’re not responding.

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@uk1000 Thank you :pray: so much for your valuable feedback. This is the first important feedback on my Gigs. It’s very helpful advice. I will change your points in my Gigs features. your advice helps me with my futures work.

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