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Request for SUGGESTION

Here is my profile:

I think I make my gig perfectly but I didn’t get any sells. Should I have to change the pricing table? Frankly speaking, is it will effective, if I decrease the price of my gigs ?

Dear Tajul:

I took a look at your profile. I suggest you rewrite it. Here’s a sample:

Hi, I’m Tajul Islam Sajib. Please call me Tajul!

I can design professional brand identity, corporate identity, logo, business card, icon, landing page, User Interface (UI), social media graphics, web graphics, print design, and so on, to meet your specifications! I l’m here to help you!

Most of your gigs are priced at $5, so I don’t think that lowering the price will give you any advantage.

I suggest you promote your gigs outside of Fiverr and hire a copy writer to make your sales copy more compelling.

Good luck,