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Request for Time Extension

Hi Fiverr Comunity, I have requested one of my clients for a time extension, he is not responding to me but delivery time is about to end. I have not completed the task yet, What should I do now? Is my Order consider late?

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If the client does not respond to your extension and the time frame ends, yes, it will be considered late - but, in my experience, if the buyer agrees to the extension, even after the clock goes to zero, it will not be considered late.

But, that is only IF they agree to extend the time.



@genuineguidance has given you the answer.

I would just like to add that as a seller it is part of your repsonsibility to set realistic timeframes - both in terms of client expectations and your own workload and mental health.

Your buyer is under no obligation whatsoever to grant you a time extension.

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