Request for VA phone calling was denied. Why?


Please explain why the following request I made was denied by Fiverr:

“I need someone to make about 150 phone calls to prospective real estate buyers. If someone answers, you will talk through a basic script I will provide, but you need to be very fluent in English and be conversational on the call, never sounding like you’re reading a script. You will be representing me looking for a buyer of a property I currently have and also looking for an ongoing relationship for me with these potential future buyers.

This should be fairly quick since I’ve found that many or most of the phone numbers are disconnected. You will be working off a spreadsheet I have and you will enter the results of your calls into the spreadsheet, following the examples already there.”


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Your point is valid, but I just want someone to do the grunt work of finding any valid buyers (vs. disconnected phone numbers) and then I’ll take over. However, that’s not the point of my question. I want to understand why this was denied. This is a small project. If this goes through somehow, and the VA works out well, I might use that person as part of my back office.


I have no idea why your request was declined. Perhaps Fiverr saw it as a request to hire someone to spam-call other people. If you need to know the real reason, why don’t you contact Customer Support and ask?


I did submit a request online. Their timeline is 24-48 hours to reply. Is there a phone number to call instead?


Not that I am aware of. You’ll have to be patient. Customer Service is a very busy department. If they indicate that they will respond within 24-48 hours, then that is the timeline you have to work with.


Thanks for your help.

I had another request that was denied and I didn’t understand why. For that, the Forum community was very helpful in explaining the reasoning. I’m hopeful for a similar response here.


I’ve offered one possibility. I am curious to see what other forum users might suggest.


Maybe he has better things to do? Most people don’t like cold calling. Maybe he’s a realtor with many listings, maybe he has open houses and other things to do.

I don’t blame him, all my favorite realtors have teams, even if they cold call, they’re not cold calling alone.


Anybody else have any ideas as to why a request for a VA to make calls was denied by Fiverr?


Could it be interpreted as you wanting somebody to cold call on your behalf? There are now rules around cold calling in most countries (thankfully) and it might be that Fiverr doesn’t want to be getting involved with it?


If that were the case, then Fiverr wouldn’t offer “similar gigs”: Yes, I can follow up directly with those “similar gigs”, but while that solves my gig problem, it doesn’t give me any understanding of the reason for denial so I can avoid that in the future.


This is a way people who want to commit fraud go about finding people to buy properties they do not actually own sometimes. Not that it is what you are doing but it’s similar to someone wanting someone else to place Craigslist ads for properties they do not own.

I can’t speak for fiverr in this matter and it might be some other reason.


Ah, that’s a good thought. No, I’m not doing anything illegal. I do have the contract on it, but I understand what you’re saying.


Sorry - I can’t access your link. You asked for ideas - I gave you mine.

Maybe you need to ask Fiverr themselves? :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh I remember you are the person who has a contract on a property. You should do the grunt work yourself to avoid any type of misrepresentations that someone you hire could inadvertently convey.

You of course don’t want to represent you own property if there is just a contract on it so far.


Oh, it might be linked to me only. Sorry.

Yes, I have, and I’m waiting for their reply. :slight_smile:


There “might” be some misrepresentation, but I’d give a basic script for the VA to follow, something like “I see you’ve recently bought properties in the area. Are you interested in another one nearby? I’ll have my manager call you back right away.” No, I don’t currently own it, but I do have control of it by contract, so I do have the right to re-sell it.

However, I don’t want to get into all the potential legal conditions of real estate deals here. We could go down lots of rabbit holes with that. :wink: I’m just trying to understand how to word a request for a common gig.


Maybe the one or more of the words “phone calls” and “phone numbers” got the request automatically flagged as they could be words used by someone who wanted to communicate with the seller outside of Fiverr which could be against the terms of service.


I wondered about that, too, but most of the similar gigs say “I will make phone calls for you”.