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Request from one of my buyer



I wrote a Research Paper on IT management (Plagiarism Free, checked by Turnitin and including figures tables). Now he wants me to upload this paper to any journal research site (IT related).
I’m basically writer and not know uploading things
I searched such service on Fiverr but unable to find the exact service. I want to help him in uploading his paper. I don’t want to put the request on Buyer request page. anyone there giving such service or know someone giving such service?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Why don’t you tell the buyer that - “I’m basically a writer and don’t know uploading things” ?


That is for him to do, not you.

You are only a writer. There is too much chance for problems for you if you do that part of it for him.


He requested many times. I don’t know what I do with this


@misscrystal You are right


Say NO. (And this is for passing the 20 characters requirement for a forum post)


Just be firm in your response back to him and say something to the order of:
“What you are requesting for me to do falls beyond MY expertise and I am not the best person to do it. So I would strongly recommend you find the assistance of another seller if you are unable to perform it yourself.”

After that if he keeps pestering you, take screenshots and create a ticket with Customer Service as he is now spamming YOU!



Thanks this is the best answer to reply him
Now doing the same

Thank you :slight_smile:


Only do what is in your gig description. Never do more.

Say “I am sorry but this is not part of the service I offer.”


I replied, Now feeling relieved :sunny:


In addition to what @djgodknows said, you can even try exaggerating a bit (not too much, or it will look as if you’re mocking him), and tell him something like “I’m really sorry, I really want to help you, but I don’t know how to do it. I wouldn’t even know where to start, and I’m afraid that I will mess something up and that you will have problems because of that. Please find someone who knows how to do it.” :slight_smile:

P.S. I see that you have replied; this post might help someone else in a similar position. Playing a helpless little woman can be useful at times. :grin:


It is always important that clients know your scope, we are writers, not content managers.


Hahaha thanks @catwriter

I don’t know why you people are so amazing :slight_smile:


Yup yup @federicoalegria