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I need help here guys…someone just gave me a job via request gig but he is refusing to order this gig but sent me the job he wants done and that after completion he would then order 7 gigs and pay me…I refused saying that isin’t fiverr policy…Any advise guys???


Don’t do any work until he orders a gig, seems like he is trying to get free work :slight_smile:


Reply to @mintyone: Thanks mintyone…cheers mate


You may want to send that buyer’s. Name to fiverr customer support.


Reply to @whisperflex: Good point, but I would also tell him flat out that he is violating Fiverr TOS and you will report him to customer support if you learn that he is doing this to other sellers. That will make him think twice.

Also, I would come out and challenge him and ask him why he won’t pay me until I do the work. Challenge him and put him on the spot.


Reply to @whisperflex: Thanks …just done that…cheers


Reply to @hotwebideas: Thanks…cheers mate