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Request keeps getting unapproved


Can someone please offer some advise on requests.

I submitted two requests yesterday and they have been rejected but I am not sure why. There was no clear indication on the rejection to advise why it was not approved. Can you advise why this may have been rejected so I can amend the request accordingly. Below is the what the request contained.

“I require some assistance with uploading some product images to my website . Please note that the products have already been listed however I need some assistance to to add extra images to the products. I can also provide instructions on how to carry out the task of required. There are 1853 items.”

I have the same issue; unapproved twice… no explanation!

Mine just stays in “Pending Status” forever. SIGH

Fiverr, why, oh why won’t you let me give you money??

I have similar issues so I’m thinking they don’t allow sellers post there.

Same issue here.