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Dear Fiverr,
I constantly get this issue, I think you did a great job, but apparently buyers ignore the obvious.
After I deliver an order, the buyer sees a “request modification” button, and a tiny link way below it, almost hidden, the “contact seller” link.
Even if they were completely satisfied with my delivery, and just want to say thank you very much, they keep pushing the only big button they see, the Request modification"
Not sure if this affects my stats, but definitely annoying.


What is this is with effing long attachments???


Yes! Second this suggestion too, even if this forum-section still hides my replies (at least from myself). And bring the upvote button back, it´s needed for things like this! :slight_smile:


Good to see I’m not the only one! :slight_smile: Thank you for confirming!


You can click the heart to upvote.
I have them clicking that revision button to ask a question too Sheila.


I know, that post was from the phase when they had first introduced that red downvote button and then taken away again not just that but the upvote button too. :slight_smile:

To the other point, there should be an ‘ask seller question’ button next to the revise button maybe too.


Yes, I have the same. Very annoying. They have change it some time ago. I remember this link was a visible form before. And that was good, after they’ve change it my clients click REQUEST MODIFICATION button in about 90% cases just to contact me. But what can you do…? Fiverr’s UX design team is not the best one in the world.


I´d really be thankful for an equally big ‘Contact Seller (for questions)’-button right next to it.
I wonder what the reason was to remove it, if they had it before?

Or maybe ‘Request Revision’ instead of ‘Request Modification’ might help a little too.


If you think that the “Request Modification” button activates the instinct of someone to keep asking for better deliveries, then you might have missed out the 2nd point-of-view. This makes the buyer click on that button instead of leaving a bad review. This improves the overall experience of both the buyers and sellers.

But if you are getting irritated about this, then you should start polishing your skills a bit. While I agree that in some categories, the buyer is never happy but in most categories this is not the case. If you see this again-and-again, then try to acknowledge that the mistake is in your side.

To avoid this, set the “number of revisions provided” to a number you are free to provide without getting irritated.

I think that using the term Revision might be a bit less user-friendly that the term Modification. (Just my personal opinion though) :slight_smile:


I think you are missing the point here. Users are clicking this big green button just to tell you that they like your work for example and then you have to redeliver it again. They should click “contact seller” link below which has low visibility and which opens a contact form below. It’s clearly bad UX design example.


This never happened with me ever since I joined Fiverr.
Though this could happen, but such buyers are really rare who can`t understand what the button says.

Alongwith :


I have this all the time.


Can you please post a screenshot? (That shows the order delivery text as well)
Blur out anything you might not like to share.(Buyer name and profile pic is must)


I can’t. I have all my gigs delivered now.


So, what is the problem? I just wanted to see, what you said in the delivery message and what your buyer said by clicking the “Request Modification” button.


I did’t say that this is a problem. I said that this is annoying because there should be a button to contact a seller next to requiring modification button, or an open box like it was before and now it’s not for unknown reason. I’ve got used to it.


@deesajn A screenshot please…


I’ve found one:


I wouldn`t blame Fiverr UI if the buyers are ignoring this big one-

I think that the “Please rate your experience with the seller.” should be changed to “If you are happy with the delivery, please rate your experience with the seller to complete the order.”. :slight_smile:


O yea, I know this. Completely agree, I have no idea what’s the purpose for that last rating.