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Request Modification/change All Video

Hello everyone :smiley:

I’m a seller since 2014…I have make many videos, have work with different buyers…

But something unpredictable have happen me just right now…

A buyer have order 1 gig that include 6 shortly texts…He have send me 6 texts and logo…

I make an except putting his logo at video…

But now, he want to change all texts, to put a new logo and include the website…

Have I right to send him a offer to pay for another basic video?

I know that buyers have right to ask for changes, I also have make changes , but to change all video???

Many thanks and good luck at your business :smiley:

It really depends on what you have mentioned on your gig description in terms of revision. If you haven’t then do mention about the amount of revisions you would be doing on the same order. You can suggest your buyer that revision includes modifications to the same information he has already submitted to you and could mean presenting it in a new way. Revisions doesn’t include submitting new information from buyers. You can put some sort of clarity like this in your gig description or FAQ.

If this kind of clarity is not already present in your gig or discussion with buyer then you may take up this task for this buyer and consider adding clarity from now onwards. It won’t hurt to over deliver in this case as it may earn you 5 stars.

““I also have make changes , but to change all video???””

Yes, you do. Absolutely.

I dont have any such experience but I feel like you should ask him to buy another gig.

I actually make it, and buyer accept the offer :smiley:

Thanks for your answer, pls can you be more clear? “Yes, you do” it means that I have right to ask him to pay for another basic video, or I should change all video??

As I say, the gig is very clear, buyer have “understand” what the video include sending me a info with 6 texts + logo that is not included , after I make a video, he ask for modification, to change all video, putting 4 different texts , website and different logo from first logo that have send me…In this case I have explain to him, that you can ask to change 1 or 2 things but not putting a new information…
I have send an offer for another basic video and now he have accept it :smiley:

same with me… :frowning:
buyer ordered animation video from me about 3days ago… I prepared the script, sent it for voice-over instantly… got the voiceover, started working, about 30% animation was done…

buyer came back today and asked me to put some more information on script that he forgot to add. (awesome…)

now I will have to re-spent $10 more on voice, plus I have only 4days left for the work out of which voice artist will take 2days atleast…

mutual cancellation? - there’s a problem with that too…“to many cancellation will effect your gig ranking” -awesome again…

Sorry but if the 3 days of delivery have passed, how can the buyer ask for changes?? :open_mouth:

You should ask him to pay more for changes…This is my opinion…It’s so expensive cost, time, and at the end to cancel the gig? It’s out of mind…

he won’t pay any extra I know that very well… and if I force him to pay more he will either ask me to cancel order or simply put a bad review on delivery…

the only positive option that I had left with was to cancel the order, but with the new fiverr update, mutual cancellation effect gig ranking… WOW.

what will lost if you try it?

Sorry but what include your gig?

Effect gig ranking??? Friend, a buyer send me info that don;t included at the gig, I reply it to the page order, but passed time and nothing, when I see I couldn’t cancel the gig only to write inbox…Wow, just with a only reply I can’t cancel the order?

I don’t know what to say…

Sounds great :smiley:

Sorry - I included the wrong sentence. I meant: “Have I right to send him a offer to pay for another basic video?”

Yes, you have the right and should send an offer.

It is something that I get in the writing category. I offer revisions but sometimes the buyer wants the whole thing to be rewritten because they have changed their mind. It’s not practical to expect something to be written twice from scratch for one fee.

I’ve had far too many modification requests for my video work lately. Now, I’m not perfect by any means. I make mistakes and I don’t get something quite right from time to time. However, all the modification requests I was receiving were for complete revisions which were necessary due to buyers not initially supplying information which they wanted including in their finished work.

Thankfully, this has stopped now and this is partly due to me increasing my prices slightly and partly due to me adding a note in the automatic request for details which buyers receive, which informs them that revisions based on them not supplying essential information will be charged at $5 -$10 per time.

In this case, maybe think about doing the same. If you do, customer support will have your back if a buyer ever opens a dispute. Meanwhile, buyers themselves will go up in quality a notch. Just be warned, that your orders may drop and you may start getting orders which are much more challenging to complete. So far for me, though, the benefits far outweigh these factors.