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Request modification clock - who's idea was it?

Can someone please remove this ridiculous feature of the clock ticking from the delivered time when buyer requests modification? Example (this is notoriously), 2 days before a deadline I am sending samples, which I always do, sometimes 6 sometimes 20 designs. 1 day to the deadline - no information from the client, 10 hours to the deadline - nothing, 1 hour - nothing, 30 minutes - OK, I decide to send the best, in my opinion, designs even if buyer payed only for one. Done. The clock stopped at let say 7 minutes before a deadline. 2 days later the buyer replays with the message and hundreds of changes hitting “REQUEST MODIFICATION” button. It’s the middle of the night, but even if not, how the heck I could make modifications so fast. Who designed this system? Who designed the system, where I HAVE TO DESCRIBE to the client how to finalise and rate the transaction, because UI is too confusing?

Reply to @preetiyoga:


Agree, modification is OK but when buyer click on modification automatically seller should get 1 or 2 day time EXTRA which should be added to the clock.

So agree! Sometimes buyers are the ones responsible for late replies and the seller gets punished by not having enough time. Something needs to happen, I would like to see some time added to the clock as well if a modification is requested.

Agreed! Modification should either reset the clock entirely or add a few days.