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Request Modification: WHY is my timer still ticking?


It’s completely illogical for timers to continue after a buyer requests a modification, especially when they request it 2 days after a delivery but 2 HOUR BEFORE DEADLINE.

There is no possible way I can deliver.

What on earth happens when it ticks over. Automatic negative feedback?


There will be no problem initially, as an order being late does not lead to cancellation. After an order is late for 24 hours, the buyer is able to cancel it if they want. I am not sure if it ever gets automatically cancelled at some point…


The other threads I read on this mention “auto cancellation” and “auto negative rating” frequently, but they all seem to be from last year or earlier. How has this not remained an issue, or, yet again, is it just my account being the uncoordinated gremlin. I am extremely worried about all of this.


Reply to @inkpetal: I think that unless you let an order go late 24 hours it should be alright. And otherwise you can always contact customer support and show that you were on time, but the buyer responded very, very late. They might be able to fix the feedback.

But you’ll be best off also asking the buyer if he’s ok with the feedback being improved by them, since they will ask that first anyway.


It also alarms me that I did not receive notification of the request until 22 hours after it was made.

It appeared less than an hour ago in my inbox as a new alert (I have been active and monitoring my gigs for the entirety of today) stating the request was made “about 22 hours ago”. This is completely ridiculous.


Reply to @laughingcrow: That’s exactly the problem. It’s not like I can move a few points around in illustrator. I need to recreate from nothing, because that’s how Fiverr works, you don’t get paid for your work, you get paid for the work the buyer likes. With this one, my BEST option seems to be to cancel and get nothing, that do the extra work and potentially have them not like that either and be slammed with instant negative rating that may never be changed if they decide not to reply to CS contact.

I’m so - offended - by this timer thing. It’s bad business.