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Request modification

Hi every one :wink: i’m here for about 6 month.
i enjoyed working here and get some sales :wink:
my only probleme here is i still dosn’t understand how the request modification works!!
for example,i set on my gig 1 revision,but sometimes buyers have the right to reject the delivery 3 or 4 times,is this possible?

Yes i know i have to tell them that they have only 1 revision for the basic gig and they have to add extras,BUT i think the systeme must allow them one time only to push the botton REQUEST MODIFICATION.
can anyone explain to me !

The system also allows them to request a modification if you don’t offer any modification at all. :-\

Realy so weird :wink: so we have to fight with every buyer if he don’t understand that you can’t offer unlimited revisions?

I just explain to them in the nicest way possible, that I have already made 1,2 or even 3 changes for you for free and the next change will be $5 once it’s nothing that I have done wrong.

Sometimes buyers have trouble choosing a simple colour.

Yes,i think now i just understand how the system works,i thought that i did something wrong with my gig settings,but yes,the system allows them :slight_smile:
Fortunately all my clients are comprehensive till now :wink:
Thanks for the replay.