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Request not approved

My request was this:
I need a composition on COMPUTER. I am expecting sincere use of grammar+latinized sentence +complex sentence structure +relative quotations (if possible) in the composition.If interested -please contact me via message & i would provide a sample composition to get an idea about my expectation level.
This request gets unapproved and i have received this;

We’d like to inform you that your request for the service “I need a composition on Computer.I…” wasn’t approved due to one (or more) of the following reasons:

  • The request includes payment information.
  • The request includes contact information (e.g., ■■■■■, email, phone number).
  • The service you requested violates our [Terms of Service].
  • The service you requested is not offered on Fiverr.
  • Your message is suspected as spam (e.g., promotional, and out of context content)

1.I didn’t include any payment info
2.I have only asked to contact via message -is that a violation?
3.I am not sure how this violates the TOS :
4. I am sure that there is many gigs on paragraph/creative writing
5.I believe this isn’t spam.
Can anyone please clarify what’s the probable issue? Is the problem is to instrct contact via message???


It is against the ToS for sellers to contact buyers via inbox. The BR section has its own method for Sellers to make offers.

As a musician this composition request makes no sense. As a writer, ‘composition’ is probably not the best word to use. Did you mean article?

What is the significance of ‘on computer’? Honestly this sounds suspiciously like a homework request. Academic work IS against the ToS.

  • Don’t ask for DMs
  • Get rid of "i would provide".

A composition can be a poem or a song or an essay. Computer could be the topic? In any case, you need to get clearer about what you need.

Good luck.


@wordsfire actually i meant essay by writing composition,so u are sure that if i have written essay instead of composition -then it would get approved?

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Nope. The word “essay” also insinuates you want someone else to do your academic work for you.

What do you need this composition for?


@imagination7413 I didn’t mean article- ‘essay’ actually. By saying 'on computer ’ i have specified the topic for essay/creative writing :slight_smile: Anyone can consider it creative writing instead of an academic writing.

@genuineguidance honestly i already have a good essay note on COMPUTER. I am facinated by noticing the use of high standard grammar ;Latinized sentence+majority of complex structural sentence & also most relevant quotes in essay which i already have. So either i wish to find out sources to get such creative writings like one i have. That’s why i tried to look for any creative writer here in Fiverr who can offer such or better than that or by discussion if i can manage a source to get like that.

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@wordsfire what is the best phrase to replace “I would provide”? Or, i just need not to write any such indicated phrase at all?

@wordsfire “Don’t ask for DMs”- I am not confirm in this- do the interested seller directly comment on request or they contact in DM? I thought after seeing the request -they would like to discuss more/further via DM(if interested)

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If ‘computers’ (:desktop_computer:) is your topic, then say so:

I am looking for an article on the topic/subject matter of ‘computers’

So… you’re looking for writing on the topic of ‘computer language’?
Actually, now it sounds more like you just need research resources, not actual writing. And it still sounds like homework.

Instead of ‘I can provide samples of what I’m looking for’, just link the samples in the request if they’re online. “Here are examples of what I’m looking for:”
Don’t say you can provide, just DO.

The former. They make offers within the BR section. Contacting you directly is breaking the rules. Anyone who does should be flagged for spam and blocked.

It’s your responsibility to provide enough information UP FRONT so that Sellers can know up front if they can fulfil your request. It doesn’t always work, but that’s how you sort out the junk offers from genuine. If a Seller has a question about your request, they can ask in the offer. That’s another way to sort out junk offers, if no one asks questions.

Please see:


You could have been more specific than “on computer”. “on the topic of computers” would have been better but you could have been more specific than that like was specified, you could say if you want it to be about computer programming languages (like was said above) or different types of computers/history of them/uses of them/apps or something.

Like I said in the other thread, there’s no proper way to contact someone through the buyer requests page and they’re not supposed to (I don’t know whether Fiverr would be okay if the buyer asks for it, but it’s safest not to), but since you have no active gigs, there’s no “contact me” button on your profile, so they wouldn’t be able to anyway as far as I know (at least there’s no visible option to).


@imagination7413 Thank you so much for your elaborated explanation. I am trying to learn from Forum :slight_smile:
“Actually, now it sounds more like you just need research resources, not actual writing” -Yes I am trying to research regarding that resource(essays) to find out from where it was taken- my intention is to find a seller who can do creative writing maintaining the level and if possible extract the source where such writings are available by asking the seller- isn’t this allowed in Fiverr?

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This still sounds like homework, and homework isn’t permitted. I can’t, in good conscious, really help you with something that might be against the ToS.

This is all I’ll provide: Instead of trying to write everything what you want in a single sentence, make a list that covers ‘WWWWWH’ (if you don’t know what that is, Google it) individually, in as few words as possible.