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Request of recover my restricted account due to multiple verification Disabilities

I am K.M.N.Kalansuriya on the brand name of Nola Hallie. More than Two Weeks before I get an ID verification from fiverr. I have not a driving licence or passport. But i only have an National card in our country language(Sinhala).I tried to verify my identity by my national ID but unable .Fiverr said that the ID is not a supported. So i send a similar request to fiverr custom support service. The reply says fiverr will check this and try again with Id photo. So I tried two more times because It always asked me the ID verification.
But now my account account has been restricted. Please madam/sir i kindly request you again and again please give me an solution and let me work as a seller in fiverr again and do not restrict my account.
Thank you

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You need to talk to CS about this. They don’t patrol the forum or take actions on posts. We’re just buyers and sellers, not administrators.