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Request - Please add a Support Inbox in Fiverr

Today I got a warning because there was a complaint from one of my buyer (first time!), Fiverr email me regarding the issue but somehow I missed it. 4 days later I have received a warning. If I could see the complaint email, it would never happen.

If there a ‘Support Inbox’ in Fiverr I could see it right away and fix the issue with my buyer. I think it would be really helpful for all of us on the platform.

What do you guys think?

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Contact to the fiverr support & tell them the issue.

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I believe if there is any actions on you account, fiverr sends you an email notification and when you log in there is usually a notification dot on the top bar. Since you say 4 days later it means that there was an attempt to notify you 4 days prior to receiving the warning. I don’t think fiverr is going to add any other method of notifying you.

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Hi, they sent you an email but somehow you missed it. So rather than blaming fiverr it seems like you should figure out what went wrong that led to the complaint. There isn’t anything more that fiverr can do as long as they sent you an email about it.


In this case it was not. A push notification would be great.

You misunderstood, no one blaming Fiverr. The point is, for this type of issue (sensitive) they can give a Push Notification in Fiverr beside email. That way if user for any reason missed the email they are able to catch it in Fiverr.