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[Request] Questions for Fiverrcast re-launch


Hello Doers!

A lot of you have been asking about the Fiverr podcast, Fiverrcast, and YES is coming back soon!

For the relaunch, a new standing segment in the podcast will be questions from you!
Questions for:
A Top Rated Seller?
About the product?
About the new campaign?

Anything! We’ll pick a few and answer each episode. Possibly even getting guests to answer the questions in their relevant field.

Put your questions down in the comments!

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Dear M:

I notice the Fiverrcast transcripts are still missing.

When are those going to be restored?

Thank you,

UPDATE (February 6, 2017): I see the Fiverrcast transcripts are back on the blog.


Understanding the response rate (why does CS have to reset it sometimes, what is the actual algorithm, including current bugs)


How many TRS’s are allocated per year? Who makes the decision. What are the important factors (not interested in just the party line, here. I’d like to understand what some of those descriptive phrases actually mean in practical terms).


Do you identify/pause unused accounts?


What is happening to help Fiverr be seen as a professional site? What is in discussion in terms of ‘vetting’ sellers? How are buyer concerns about identifying effective sellers being discussed/addressed?


Any remedy or policies being put in place for the foreseeable future regarding the dreadful Paypal chargebacks?


Is there any way to stop support issues being posted on Fiverr’s Facebook page. It looks really unprofessional, and possibly off putting to potential new buyers - bit of a car crash really!


I think it’s safe to say that Buyers Requests is a steaming hot mess. :poop: It needs a major overhaul! There should be a report button to flag the habitual offenders. Taking time to compose an email to support is a chore. What’s the plan to make this better for all?


I can actually answer this one right now. We talked about it today. Turns out that when they were posted to the old blog, they were not all tagged the same and didn’t all live in the same group. We’re going through manually to find & migrate them over now. I’d say by weeks end they should be live again.


I think a lot of users are curious about the "Success Manager Program ".

What is it about and how can sellers qualify?


Dear M:

It would be helpful to address the issue of just what links who can add where. Or, in the form of a question:

Who can add what links where?

For example, I’ve created over 2500 animations of bvh files on a YouTube playlist dedicated to the CMU Mocap Library. If I could link to this, I could offer Buyers their choice of these animations, with bespoke MakeHuman characters in short animated videos. I mean Buyers could choose from a range of genders, heights, ethnicities, and some basic clothing and hairstyles (as opposed to the Minions videos which are so popular on Fiverr).

I personally think this is cool, but when I’ve tried to link to my YouTube channel in the past, I’ve been smacked down by Fiverr.

I was made to promise to never post a link to my YouTube channel on my profile page, only to be told hours later to disregard that message. I haven’t reposted the link, because I don’t trust that I won’t get flagged again for the same thing, and I did make a promise.

I’ve similarly created “JobInterviewQs”, customizable mock interview questions for your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. This is another sample from my YouTube channel I’m not able to share with potential Buyers because of the paranoia situation on Fiverr. In my humble opinion, it’s a really cool idea with a lot of potential applications, that I’m just not able to monetize on Fiverr because I can’t show Buyers what I’m talking about.

I get that Fiverr doesn’t want people to communicate outside the platform, but it seems perverse to me that you want to pretend that Google doesn’t exist.

Why are Sellers encouraged to post links to their portfolios, only to be penalized for posting links to their portfolios?

Why are Sellers given lists of permissible URLs for their profiles, only to be penalized for posting these URLs to their profiles?

Why is it that apparently some Level 2 Sellers and above get these links approved by the Fiverr editors, but the rest of us can’t?

One of the strategies I like to use to get shh done is to apply logic and common sense to my marketing and branding strategies. Does Fiverr have plans to allow Sellers to use techniques like this, or will we be forever subject to Kafka-esque arbitrary decisions that constantly pull the rug out from under our feet, like my gig that had previously been approved being deleted while I was in the middle of negotiating a $95 dollar deal with a Buyer?

Stuff like that…

Thank you,


I too would like to see this improved. There are too many sellers advertising their services yet there are buyers who keep running into issues posting genuine job requests.

In addition to the link policy and PayPal nightmare, are there any chances of the payment processing time getting shortened?

Many have seen the profile page with the credentials and such but is it possible to not make every single field mandatory before it even gets posted? Like education for example; can we just put what we got and omit the school name?


Yes, we need a report button in buyer requests…


Why Fiverr Don’t Keep even a single Payment method in their own control Recently my Payoneer account got disabled without disclosure of reason … when i contacted support of fiverr said our payment system is fully powered by payoneer contact payoneer…Then i checked the bank transfer option in fiverr both are powred by payoneer. A Buyer or seller will be hanged in between fiverr and Payoneer Support if there is any issue regarding payment…


Fiverr has a big video icon in the centre on the display images of the gigs having videos in certain categories like the graphic design categories. It looks even worse in the search results pages and category pages. Is it wise to add a video in these categories knowing that a large part of the centre can’t be used and that it will reduce the aesthetic appearance?


How can we offer customers the chance to order while we are in “Vacation Mode”?

Often times I’m in “Vacation Mode” due to overbooking, but my regular customers keep contacting me with jobs. They know me and don’t care if they have to wait some extra time to work with me.

I used to be able to do this by sending my customers Custom Offers, that they could accept at any time. Now, that option is gone. This was extremely useful to me, since I could schedule a lot of work in advance, and work non-stop, getting rid of downtimes and hence generating a lot of extra revenue for me, and therefore, for Fiverr.

Now, working with my regulars when I’m overbooked is a hassle - the only moment when they can accept my offers is when I’ve got idle time, and am forced to accept orders from anyone. That means that some random guy may get the upper hand and get an order in, when my regular may have actually told me he wanted to place an order days before, and I could do nothing about it.

Customer: Here, take my money whenever you feel like!!!
Me: Sorry, Fiverr says no.
End of Analogy.

As we don’t actually say in my country because it’s grammatically incorrect but I’m saying anyways, no bueno.


Hello, and firstly thanks for the fiverrcasts to everyone involved, really a great feature!

I’m a bit troubled since I changed my gigs to the package-setup, that there seems no possibility at all to limit the allowed gig multiples, this is a real headache, because people can book however many words of my translation gig they want, and that on top with the delivery time staying the same, nevermind if they book only 250 or 20.000 words,
and as far as I can see, my only option is to cancel an order if someone orders more words than I can deliver in a certain time, putting things like ‘more than x words only with prior contact’ in the description don´t work in all cases, because some people don´t read before they book, and having to cancel orders because of that seems a bit unneeded, if one could just avoid it by having a limitation option.

So, an option to turn off or to set a number for the gig multiples ‘booking-click-thing’, like we have the option to limit the ‘allowed orders in queue’, would help a lot.

Also, people are still missing the fiverrcast transcripts, I just tried and still get the

Ooops… Error 404
Sorry, but the page you are looking for doesn’t exist.

With that, a great Sunday, or new week to everyone!

Multiply the delivery time when customers buy 2x basic gig or more


I am Photoshop Editor seller, I really like fiverr as an easy freelancers way to show their experience to world, I joined to fiverr since month ago but notice that the fiverr is MISSING something really important to sellers, why there’s not a feature that allows sellers to control orders?? why there’s not feature that allows sellers to reject or accept orders?!

This feature Is really important to sellers because there are some annoying buyers just want to leave you bad reviews without any reasons! or order my gig without even read what this gig Is talking about!

hope fiverr allows this feature as soon as possible

thank you


Dear FIverrcast Hosts:

I have a suggestion to help improve the Fiverr experience for Buyers:

add a nickname field and encourage everyone to give a real human being person name, to help facilitate human interaction.

User names can be pretty out there. I mean, like Tim Robbins in Bull Durham out there. Many Sellers don’t know what to call their Buyers, and vice versa.

By including nick names, Buyers and Sellers will incline more toward seeing each other as people, and this should help make transactions run more smoothly.

In conclusion, my question is:

How much is Fiverr going to pay me for this brilliant suggestion?

Thank you,

P.S. Others have asked on the Forum whether Fiverr has a bug bounty program.

Bonus question:

Does Fiverr have a bug bounty program?