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[Request] Questions for Fiverrcast re-launch


Dear Fiverrcast Team:

Regarding this thread:

What the Fiverr?!

Thank you,
Blaise Faint


excited for a new podcast of fiverr.


Dear Fiverrcasters,

seconding the quoted post.

Please consider taking the feelings and opinions of half of the people making up fiverr into account, and…there´s nothing bad in revisions, right?

Thank you.


Hello! Is fiverr aware there is a serious bug in the app that often gives sellers 4.7 or 4.3 stars when a buyer tries to leave 5 stars? It started back in November.

I’ve started two threads about it in the forum and notified customer support when it happens but is it on the radar to be fixed?


Why can’t sellers only be penalized for certain types of cancellations?


Hi everyone,
I would like to ask something about multiple gigs. I have a writing gig, and when someone order a multiple gig the delivery time stays the same. For example I have a 500 word in 24 hours but sometimes people order 10xbasic gig, so the order will appear with 5.000 words but still a 24 hours delivery. I wrote in my description that for more words they need to order the according gig or to contact me, but not everyone read the description.

Why don’t implement an option to turn off or to set a number for the gig multiples ‘booking-click-thing’, like we have the option to limit the 'allowed orders in queue?



Could Fiverr create a feature that let’s us lower or increase the price of all our gigs and gig extras by 10-75%?

Say Fridays are your slow days, maybe that’s the day to drop your prices by 50% to increase orders.


Things stop on Fridays for me. It never used to be like this, was busy on weekends a couple years ago. I wondered if more sellers activate their gigs on weekends is why.


That is surprising. I wonder if it’s because they have plans or they assume you have plans? As a blogger, I know my traffic usually diminishes greatly on Friday with rare exceptions.

On Friday it depends, today was better than yesterday, but it wasn’t like two days ago by any measure. This week my earnings where like this.
Crazy, isn’t it? The day I made $136 I had 9 orders. That’s what I love about higher prices. The trick is not being so high that everyone thinks you’re crazy and orders from someone else.


I have no idea if this has anything to do with sales but 5R sends specials, discounts, freebies to buyers that is only good from Tues to Thu.

It may, at least, help a little bit with sales.


That’s useful to know - thank you @gina_riley2 !


its not what we are up to or what we are trying
well the concern is taken
and its unclear for me
lets see what happens @blaisefaint


That’s an interesting insight. But with millions of sellers on Fiverr, I don’t think that’s how most sellers get sales. I know that 99.9% of my sales come from search. This month, only 4 came from custom offers.
It’s true that sometimes we get a Fiverr e-mail based on our searches. So if you’re searching “logos,” you’ll get 5 or 10 logo designers in the e-mail. That helps some get sales I’m sure, but I don’t know how many people are getting that e-mail to be effective.


Please Help Me! My gig Remove Watermark is not showing on the online page. Please help me!

:bookmark: Blacklist Buyers - 2017

My gmail ID was lost which is linked to my fiverr account how I change my Email from fiverr account please help me.

Thank you


@valyaxam Reach out to Customer Support. This thread is about Fiverrcast re-launch.


You guys made an awesome feature - the TEAM ACCOUNT - for buyers…I was wondering what if you guys make it available also for Sellers? I would personally like to see that feature come alive for me.


Do you know the purpose of a Team Account for buyers?

I have a feeling, it’s not what you are thinking.


Yeah! :smiley: I love fiverrcast. I’m so glad it’s coming back soon.


Could you enlighten me better. Perhaps it’s truly not what I’m thinking.:smiley: