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[Request] Questions for Fiverrcast re-launch


Questions for future episodes:

  1. How exactly does Buyers Request work? Meaning, is an automated system or does someone actually go through each one? I’m asking because this topic has surfaced many times over the years as there is a constant increase in sellers successfully posting advertisements of their services yet buyers have to constantly go back to the drawing board to refine their requests for acceptance.

  2. How do buyers view sellers with little to no reviews? I ask because there are guides online that instruct buyers to avoid service providers with little to no reviews. Yes, I’m aware of the everybody has to start somewhere posts and am just trying to figure it out from the buyers’ perspective.

  3. DQ Topic: Will a system that incorporates i) equal feedback visibility for both buyers and sellers, ii) a vetting-like setup that ensures quality connections along with iii) a weekly or monthly bonus for high performing sellers function well on the fiverr platform?


Understanding the response rate (why does CS have to reset it sometimes, what is the actual algorithm, including current bugs)