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"Request Revision" button, limit the button to the revisions selected


If this has already been requested, feel free to remove my topic. The number of revisions the sellers sets for the order, the “request revision” button should not go beyond that. I do see text (right hand side) on the order it will say “Revision 1” “Revision 2” etc. But it would be nice if the button would give a warning before the “last revision”. Any additional revisions cost extra. Thoughts anyone?


Its frustrating in a funny way, you’ll promise a buyer just 1 single revision and you’ll end up giving 50.
I think this will help if there is a real limit


I agree! It will make buyers more aware that “you have this many remaining” make it count. When I first joined Fiverr, 7 years ago, I did unlimited revisions to get myself built up on Fiverr. I continue to see Buyers take advantage of that button.



It will improve communication.
Some will just drop their revision request, go and come back days later without ever communicating. This is often with the hope that they can always request for another revision.


Exactly! That is frustrating! And the thing is, we the sellers get punished for it.


That endless loop of Revision is absolute heartache and disturbance.
Very terrible to deal with


Couldn’t agree with you more! You are so very right! :grinning:


Why would you do this? If you offer only one revision, don’t provide any more than that. Why would you give away your work for free 49 more times?


Let me tell you my story about endless revisions.

Once upon a nightmare, I applied for and got a job through buyer request. The buyer needed someone to translate English to American Sign Language(ASL).
Since I’m an ASL signer and instructor I volunteered to do the job and sent a sample Video. In the video I used all the facilities and equipments available with me.
After chatting through the inbox for a while,
Can you imagine that the buyer decided not to drop all of his/her ridiculous instructions because that might have led to me increasing the price or rejecting the entire job.


When the buyer placed the order (it was a 3 figure order) he added some very tough requirements with the order.
Though, I promised only 2 revisions.

I signed the first video
He asked for revision
The second, he did the same
At my own expense, I had to eventually spend money on a cinematographer’s commercial studio for the video.
Can you believe that he eventually rejected the beautiful video???
The signs and video quality was awesome but he insisted that the background must be a grey wall and not a grey cloth.
How am I suppose to get that?
Repaint a studio or what?

I was terribly frustrated to the extent of requesting for order cancellation.

I made uncountable number of videos,

I spent almost a week on this.

If revisions here has limit, things would have been better for me.


I was just exaggerating though.

I guess no one can do that


I had a client I worked with for several years but it got to the point, I had to let him go because he wasn’t a great communicator which led to long drawn out discussions that could have been solved if he told me point blank what he wanted instead of being all over the place. UGH so many frustrating times.


It’s good you let him go,
If I work for you and I can’t be happy, and I’ll always end up being frustrated with loads of heartaches, I guess its better you go your own way.
What you did was the best.
But first it would have been appropriate to discuss the issue with him. If he did not change then ban him from your account by politely telling him that you won’t like to work with him any longer.

You deserve to be happy but he gives nothing but happiness’s opposite.
So good riddance to bad rubbish!!!