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Request to All sellers not to serve this Buyer (Fragglesrock)


to all hard working Sellers of FIverr

I am requesting to all sellers

that please do not Deliver anything to this Buyer ( Fragglesrock )

he is a kind of scammer

first he takes the delivery

then keep on requesting modifications

and i kept on giving him new stuff again and again

and Initiated Refund also for him

bt he kept on requesting Modification

he Abusing all sellers

he abusing Fiverr also

and said fiverr going to be shut down

please see the snapshot in attachments

that what kind of language he using

i request all sellers to come together

and build seller community and kick such buyers out of this place

and file report abuse against him

i tried to send him Refund atleast 10-15 times

bt he kept on cancelling the Refund

and its been 8 days since all this happening again and again

i request sellers and fiverr to do something ASAP for such Problematic People

and Close there Accounts


*** Sheriff’s note: Calling out individual users is not permitted on the forum. Screenshots showing communication between seller and buyer have also been removed as they contain usernames. Contact Customer Support for assistance and to report any abuse by other users.***

Sorry to read that. In the past I successfully worked for this buyer (he bought several times from me without any problems).

then why he behaving like that with me

you can see snapshot

if i am sending him Refund

why he is not Interested in taking Refund

I initiated refund 10-15 times

why he is not taking money back

I don’t know, I just want to let you know that I had great orders & experiences with this buyer.

Maybe the communication is the key (when and how to talk with customer)…

bt its him

who talking bad

i guess you are biased with him

see the snapshot first

then you can tell much better