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Request to allow Sellers to pay processing fee?

I know there’s been a lot of turmoil with the new ToS and gig purchases down theoretically because of it.

It may sound a bit silly, since we’re already paying 20%, but I’d like the option to be able to pay the processing fee for those that purchase my gigs. I’ve seen people offer things like “free gig after your third purchase”, but a lot of these things don’t seem to close a deal as much as direct, immediate discount.

I think the coolest way to do it would be to allow sellers to create coupon codes and provide them to their favorite buyers. Or have the ability when creating a gig to offer to cover the processing payment (maybe an icon and search filter similar to the “Express Gig” to highlight gigs that sellers are paying for the processing fee?

I guess my dream suggestion would be for Fiverr to SPLIT the processing cost when a seller is interested in covering it - this way, Fiverr still gets an increase in revenue per gig - and even though it’s not as much, Fiverr would know that these sellers are dedicated to helping promote and sell gigs instead of just taking up space and inconsistent.

Or, maybe reduce processing fees for Level 2 sellers (or a sliding scale… or even top rated sellers if it’s coveted, because then it’s a significant bonus for buyers AND sellers).


Thanks for the comment… but it has absolutely nothing to do with my suggestion.

All your input can do is create a pointless discussion that’s already been had and will end up getting this thread closed.

Sounds interesting but only on an optional and not mandatory basis.

timbrewolf - this is an excellent idea! It would be a fantastic way to reward existing customers and help entice new ones. I especially like the coupon code idea. Good thinking,