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Request to Buyers

I request you to all Fiverr buyers, please do a bit of trust on new sellers. They are also efficient and hardworking. Even a top-rated seller starts from zero. I don’t know why all buyers are rushing towards top rated sellers even a new sellers are provding best services. Still they are not getting orders. Please maintain a cash-flow.
Rich sellers are getting rich day by day and new sellers not even getting chance to show their skills.
I’m not requesting this only for my gig. Please Please Please! place orders to new sellers, definitely they will provide you better service and results because they need to survive on fiverr for future.
I’m from India. I’m a professional writer and able to write articles,stories in both english and hindi. I’m also providing translation and transcription service.

In future, If I need any service, I will take time find seller who have less or zero review and give them order. I’m not saying give directly to them, at least give them a chance to show samples or prove them.
Thank you (:


Hi Nisha, yes you are right and your message is to the point. I am also a newbie here. Joined yesterday. We are here in Fiverr to get some work, and I hope there is some technique within Fiverr to promote new sellers as well. Thanks


This. I get you want high quality but give the new guys a chance. They NEED that experience and they can’t go anywhere without it


Don’t get disappointed. Some buyers will choose top rated sellers and some buyers will choose new sellers. It depends on their past experiences. If a buyer gets satisfactory service from a new seller he will obviously return to that seller. I hope buyers will consider new sellers too.

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I agree with you in principle, everyone has to start somewhere. And it would be nice if genuine buyers (rather than the scammers) gave new sellers an opportunity - after all, they have the option of cancelling an order if they’re not happy (in other words, buyers have nothing to lose financially).

However, Fiverr is now so overcrowded with sellers that buyers can, in some instances, choose people with hundreds of five star feedback ratings for the same price (or still very cheap) as a new seller with no feedback. Logo design is a great example of an overcrowded market and very cheap prices, even from experienced sellers.

If you were a buyer, which would you go for? The unknown option or the seller who is likely to do a guaranteed good job?


You can search sellers requests and apply for work. 1 out of 100 will hire you. Dont lose hope :slight_smile:


Suggest you add your Fiverr profile link to your original post as you are describing your services, and the link is allowed in My Fiverr Gigs.

Edit: I see you are on Fiverr since March of this year and have 7 reviews already.

Some sellers take months to get their first order.

You are well on your way. :slightly_smiling_face:


You can, but I always sigh when I see this advice given. The chances of landing a job through responding to requests are very, very slim.

In order to stand a chance of being hired you ideally need to personalise each application and demonstrate you’ve understood what the buyer is looking for. But this takes valuable time and your application is likely to get lost among the detritus of generic copy and paste responses.

Or of course, you can go down the root of sending out dozens of generic copy and paste responses yourself in the hope that the buyer is stupid enough to pick any response at random.

Either way, it’s very time consuming and unlikely to result in work.

I always say if you’ve got a genuine skill to offer and if your profile and gig descriptions are well written and appealing, you will eventually get a break. The cream rises to the top.

The problem is though, it would appear that in recent months Fiverr has seen an influx of low-skilled new sellers who are simply overcrowding an already crowded market. That’s my personal opinion based on what I’m seeing on these forums now.

The forums are full of people saying “new seller, no orders, help me bro” and many of the responses are ill-informed.


You still even don’t know what I have done to getting these order. I was online for almost whole day and night from past few weeks to apply for buyer requests. I almost reply on 300 requests then I got few orders on very cheap deals.


In future, If I want any service from seller, I’ll find new seller who have no reviews and give him order.


Which is the exact point I was making. It is time consuming, the hit rate is incredibly low, and you will eventually make yourself ill from working this way.

In my humble opinion, unless you see a request for a slightly unusuall skill that perfectly aligns with what you can offer (in other words very few people will be qualified to take on the job, and those that are will stand out in the applications), then responding to buyer requests is a very bad idea.

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I’ve been four months on fiverr and I just got two projects

You are right, but I’m not completely satisfy with you.
For your kind information, Fiverr shows very few buyer requests to new seller and in this scenario if buyer will try only on few of them, then it’s damm impossible to get order in this lifetime.

thank you :slightly_smiling_face:i am also new in fiverr


Thanks for this info, i would definitely try it to see if it gets me my first order. Although i don’t even have any view or impression yet

Views and impressions are currently not working on fiverr but they are counting at the back-side. One secret I can give you is “don’t lose hope” , apply more and more on buyer’s requests (In professional way)…It may take upto a month, try changing strategies, improve gigs but don’t lose hope. Reply on buyer’s request in professional way


Hello @nisha4you

Thanks for your kindness or responsibility for a new born seller. I also a new seller just one month passed and one order ( Image Background Remove ) successfully completed.
But my buyer is not rate about my work although he is happy for my job. I hope I will get more orders in this month because I think my response rate to good.


Thanks a lot, will do

Ya that’s true! But I’m just saying now a days opportunity for new sellers is decreasing due to blind buyers.

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@nisha4you Exactly. even i’m not receiving any orders due to this maintenance. And usually I saw that most of the buyers goes to the upper level sellers for getting best services.
Even new sellers just like me also have a 5 star rating with all the best reviews from the customers side.
Also I’m very near to reach at level 1 seller but unfortunately due to this maintenance. no more orders at this time. But Top Rated sellers still taking the advantage during this maintenance side.
Mostly when a new seller comes on fiverr, they have fresh courage and talent to show that to the new buyers, so the point is that, why all the buyers are not coming to new sellers for taking advantage of their fresh talent and courage?
Nobody reaches the mountain instantly. They have to be started from a beginning point.

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