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Request to Set up a ****** Account

Hello Everyone,

I had recently set a Fiverr account and created a few gigs. I had received some messages from a couple gentleman from China asking me to set up a **** account on their behave. They explained to me i would need to accept them in teamviewer to manage that said account to continue their work. Saying they have no access to Google or *** in China. They would pay me monthly for every job posting they make in ***. Seems shady, and was wondering if anyone has encountered this?

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Runaway from this deal fast! :running_man:

Then block these gentlemen fraudsters! :no_entry_sign:

They are shady :dark_sunglasses: and like to prey on new sellers!


Agree with the previous statement. RUN!!! Mark it as spam and run away as fast as you can. They are trolling and you will end up the loser in the situation if you engage them.


Please remove the name of the other freelance platform. It is against the Forum Rules to mention other platforms. You can use the pencil in the lower-left corner of your post to edit it. Simply replace the wors with *** . Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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it’s against to fiverr TOS. you will be flagged as soon as possible.